Advisory Services

How Home and Community Based Services can work for you:

  • Fulfill your mission
    An HCBS program can help a CCRC fulfill its mission to serve the most vulnerable individuals in the community. In meeting this mission, you can also fulfill your social accountability requirements.
  • Expand your services
    An HCBS program will help you diversify the services you offer. It can also serve as a feeder program for your other business lines. For example, new HCBS clients may eventually use campus-based services, including short-term rehab or assisted living. 
  • Diversify your payer sources
    An HCBS program may allow you to tap into new payment sources at the state level, if your state is rebalancing its Medicaid program to spend more on home and community-based services. In addition, changes in federal regulations in both Medicare and Medicaid are a catalyst for HCBS growth. 
  • Enhance your brand
    Offering HCBS helps you ensure that the residents of your CCRC are receiving high-quality HCBS services. By developing a 1-stop shop for aging services, you also ensure that older adults will know your brand no matter where they live, what level of care they need, or what their income is. That brand knowledge can help you expand the reach of your philanthropy to include potential benefactors who had no previous contact with your CCRC, but used your HCBS. It can also expand knowledge of and interest in your brand among prospective board members.
  • Participate in reform
    Expanding into home and community-based services helps your organization deliver the services that are important components of health and long-term care reforms. For example, being able to offer HCBS makes your organization a more attractive partner for accountable care organizations, managed care companies, bundled payment initiatives, hospital systems and physician practices.