Operational Resources

How Operational Resources Can Work For You:

Providing guidance and tools achieving financial results.

  • Annual budget preparation with team. 
  • Use of our detailed financial model. 
  • Use of our FTE calculator. 
  • Recommendations of vendors. 
  • Financial reporting. 
  • Reimbursement monitoring, education and compliance. 
  • Implementing insurance billing templates. 

Supporting regulatory compliance 

  • Monitor changes in Medicare conditions of participation, reimbursement and accreditation standards. 
  • Update policies and practices to comply with new requirements. 

Additional Resources Can Include

  • Partner Portal. 
  • Customized content. 
  • 24/7 access to documents. 
  • Version control.
  • Working with your CCRC team to further strengthen your continuum. 
  • Integrate home health and hospice into your CCRC continuum of care. 
  • Increase use of rehabilitation services. 
  • Better leveraging your therapy continuum. 
  • Reduce rehab length of stay. 
  • Reduce readmissions to hospital. 
  • Improve end of life care.