The Benefits of Becoming a Member
of the Senior Options Network

Senior Options enables its partners to add new service lines with much less risk, higher margins, and more bandwidth. Older adults benefit by having more predictable quality and lower costs because we can provide our partners with ways to standardize and share back-office services while retaining our separate ministries and personalities.


We all benefit from greater collaboration. We do not need to be at the mercy of other competitors, nor difficult economic times, if we manage our resources in the best manner, holding onto and strengthening each organization’s unique mission.

Turn-Key Solutions

Home Health Care

Hospice Services

Continuum Management

Further Your Mission & Your Margin

By partnering with Senior Options to plan and implement Home Health Care, Hospice and Continuum Management programs, you can further your mission and margin.


  • Leverage reimbursement to serve seniors at the point of need

  • Care for seniors across the post-acute care continuum

  • Extend your mission to serve seniors in the greater community at broader income levels

  • Control the quality of care you deliver

  • Further position your organization as experts in aging services

  • Navigate and survive within the new health reform environment

  • Diversify your revenue sources

  • Reduce the risks and worries associated with trying to do this on your own